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Dubrovnik Card – Explore the City without Breaking the Bank!

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Dubrovnik

Are you planning a visit to Dubrovnik, the beautiful “Game of Thrones” Croatian city? Are you interested in visiting Dubrovnik’s City Walls for free? Do you want free access tickets to galleries, museums, and free bus rides?

Save time & money

Luckily for you, Dubrovnik city offers all its visitors the opportunity of purchasing the Dubrovnik card. You can make your stay worthwhile and get all these exclusive offers by purchasing the Dubrovnik card!

This fantastic card allows you to enter eight historical and cultural sights of your choice, for free! Can you believe that?

Planning a trip to Dubrovnik is now easier than ever with this card! It saves you both time and money with the free travel guide and special offers!

You don’t need to worry about paying for every monument or museum you want to visit anymore, nor for taking the bus! You get free access to top attractions in Dubrovnik that you can visit whenever you like!

Dubrovnik card

There are three different types of cards, allowing you to enter these tourist attractions and must-see galleries:

  • City Walls
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • The Museum of Natural
  • The Museum of Maritime
  • The Museum of Rupe Etnographic
  • The house of Marin Drzic
  • The Museum of Cultural Historical
  • The Museum of Franciscan
  • Monastery
  • The Gallery of Dulcic – Masle – Pulitika
  • The Pulitika Studio
  • Major Cavtat attractions like:
  • Racic Family Mausoleum
  • Vlaho Bukovac Home
  • Konavle Heritage Museum

1. What is the Dubrovnik Card?

Walk in Dubrovnik Cable car
Getting the Dubrovnik city pass comes with a bus card! This bus card allows you to use public transportation in Dubrovnik for free. The bus card included in the Dubrovnik card will make your transportation much easier, allowing you to move to different parts in the city much faster!

You don’t have to worry about what means of transport to take anymore!

Another advantage of getting the card of Dubrovnik is that you will be saving up money and will be avoiding any extra fees from transport. Many discounts and special offers will rise. So, don’t miss out on any available discount opportunities and get your card!

Furthermore, you will be saving up to 50% and more when you buy entry tickets to some of the famous Dubrovnik attractions and transport tickets with the bus card.

If this isn’t enough for you, the card allows you to get other discounts when you book a hotel room, when you eat in a restaurant, when you buy souvenirs from souvenir shops, jewelry and much more!

And, to make your trip even more incredible, any purchased Dubrovnik card comes with an extra brochure.

It’s a sort of informative flyer guide containing a detailed map of Dubrovnik along with the top attractions and how to get to them.

It also includes a short glimpse of historical facts about Dubrovnik, giving you a heads-up about what you will experience and see throughout the city. The description in the brochure and the photographs will help you guide yourself to the historical sites in city of Dubrovnik.

2. Types of Dubrovnik Card

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Depending on the length of your trip to Dubrovnik, there are three types of cards:


This 24-hour valid card provides you with a free travel guide, free use of transportation, and exclusive discounts to any cardholder. It’s valid for one adult, along with one child under twelve years old.

The card allows you to visit the City Walls, six different museums and two galleries.

For your information, the activation of the bus card happens when you take a bus.


The 3-day card allows you, just like the 24-hour card, to visit the City Walls, six museums and two galleries. It’s accompanied by a free 150-page travel guide and exclusive discounts.

By purchasing this card, you get six free rides on public transport, and two coupons for two suburban rides.

It enables you to get a 30% discount on Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Račić Family Mausoleum tickets and a 20% discount on Lokrum Reserve tickets.

It’s valid for one adult, along with one child under twelve years old.


The 7-day card allows you, just like the 24-hour card and the 3-day card, to visit the City Walls, six museums and two galleries. It’s accompanied by a free 150-page travel guide and exclusive discounts.

By purchasing this card, you get ten free rides on public transport, four coupons for four suburban rides, and an extra visit to one museum in Cavtat.

It enables you to get a 50% discount on Dubrovnik Summer Festival tickets and a 30% discount on Mljet National Park, Račić Family Mausoleum, and Lokrum Reserve tickets.

It’s valid for one adult, along with one child under twelve years old.

3. Activating Your Dubrovnik Card

Dubrovnik card City Walls
You may wonder how do you activate the Dubrovnik city card? Worry no more! The process is very simple; Technically, you don’t have to do anything.

Activation begins the moment you visit any cultural institution.

There, the staff confirms your arrival day to Dubrovnik. This information is mentioned on the backside of the card. The same arrival date indicates the date of activating the Dubrovnik card.

For your information, the Dubrovnik card allows only a single access per cultural sight. This means that the card enables you to visit cultural and historical monuments only once, and any extra visits to the same historical sites may include additional fees. Don’t worry, though. Dubrovnik card ensures you endless discounts and offers on entry tickets!

4. Benefits of Dubrovnik Card

  • Free use of public transportation.
  • A Heads-up to your Dubrovnik trip.
  • Manage your time better to benefit more from your stay.
  • Special discounts at hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.
  • Save up more than 50 percent of ticket prices and entry access fees to the top sights in Dubrovnik.
  • Renting car service
  • More than 100-page of free travel information guide available in many languages, containing a plan of city of Dubrovnik, how to get to each cultural or historical monument, and their opening hours.
  • A list of all partners providing service discounts with the Dubrovnik Card.
  • For visitors getting a 3-day or a 7-day card, there are additional benefits including:
  • A 30 percent ticket discount if you’re planning a day trip to Lokrum island or Konavle Heritage Museum.
  • A 30 percent discount on all concerts during Dubrovnik Summer Festival.
  • Sip fine wines of Croatia from vineyards and taste some delicacies.

5. Where to Buy Dubrovnik Card

Where to buy Dubrovnik Card

If you’re wondering how to purchase the Dubrovnik card, there are two options to buy it: Buying the card when you get to Dubrovnik or online.

If you want to get your ticket online, this website enables you to buy your card and get additional information on the included offers:

An online discount will save you an additional 10 percent!

Once you get your card online, you get a coupon. The coupon is valid for one year. And when you arrive in Dubrovnik, present the coupon at any tourist board office to pick up your card.

To make the process easier, here are the tourist board offices where you can pick up your card:

  • PILE: Brsalje 5, Dubrovnik
  • ZUPA DUBROVACKA: Setaliste Dr. Franje Tudjmana 7, Mlini
  • LAPAD: Kralja Tomislava 7, Dubrovnik
  • GRUZ: Obala Ivana Pavla II 1, Dubrovnik: We recommend this tourist board office for cruise visitors.
  • Konavle – Cavtat, Zidine 6

If you don’t want to buy the Dubrovnik card online and want to get it when you arrive in your long-awaited destination, there are 47 sale locations. So, getting the card won’t be hard at all.

The moment you arrive in Dubrovnik, just head to any travel agency there or any tourist board office. Even the hotel where you booked your room! The majority of hotels in Dubrovnik do provide their visitors with Dubrovnik cards.